Thursday, July 10, 2014

Copying and Pasting Text from PowerPoint to Lectora

Do you use PowerPoint to storyboard your eLearning courses? I do. When I use Storyline, it makes sense because I can import the PowerPoint and retain all of my hard work!

When I use Lectora, I actually have a storyboard template that has my Lectora course background and pre-built pages from the course template I use. This gives me a good idea of the space I have to work with in Lectora and I can just copy and paste my text from PowerPoint!

Here, let me show you:

Ok, well… That's how I USED to do it. I also used to have stress headaches. The weird formatting things drove me totally crazy (I like to call myself "detail-oriented," colleagues might say "picky." Tomato, tomahto.) Then, I discovered my friend Paste AS. You can actually copy and paste text from any other program and using the paste as unformatted text option, save your self a fortune in Advil.

No joke.

Check it out!


What tips do you have that make your life easier during development? Let us know if the comment section below.

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