Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Webinar Scripting

Do you use a script for your webinars? If not, you should! Far too often webinars are bogged down with “umms” and “wells” and awkward pauses while you or your presenters take time to gather your thoughts. Using a script gives you the chance to gather your thoughts BEFORE you’re on the air. This leaves your audience with the best impression of you possible.

Scripting should map out exactly what you want to happen during your session. It should cover when breaks for questions or interactive polling occur, when the control switches form one presenter to another and when to switch to web cams or videos if you’re using those.

Not every word has to be scripted out exactly, but an idea of what you want to say helps to lead the webinar in the right direction and keeps you on track. Ultimately your webinar will be easier to follow and participate in if you follow a script that was put together in advance.

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