Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Where are You Going in 2012?

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My first post of the year (and ever here on Learntastic!!) was going to be a review of the trends in e-learning for 2012. I just wasn’t happy with what I found. Don’t get me wrong, I agree with many things I read (Cloud development, social learning is necessary, mobile learning!), but I just didn’t have anything to contribute to the articles I found. That, and most of the articles I found were thinly veiled ads for different companies, which really annoys me.

 I thought I’d talk about where I was going in 2012 instead. My department develops all training for our Service function (warranties, call centers, repairs, parts and accessory replacement, etc), but my little group focuses specifically on the media needs for this training. We produce videos, animations, sound clips, interactive courses, quizzes, graphics, photos and manage the delivery of this content through our learning management system.

2012 is our year of change, simplification and fine-tuning. Last year we focused on developing and implementing a flexible learning management system that can meet the needs of our various learners. This year we need to focus on providing accessible materials that can be accessed on demand and training that can be grouped into curriculum and courses that help guide our learners through their careers.

 So where do I see my department ending up by this time next year? Here are my Dreamspace statements:

“Our department will have a regular video production schedule set up so that we can improve our production time and our creation process. This will enable us to provide better support to our clients (colleagues and learners) by giving them a clear idea of when their project can be started and completed.”

“Social learning will be alive and well in our business collaboration space. Users will create their own spaces and blogs, and share materials, photos and videos. Learners will collaborate across departments, functions and levels generating innovative ideas.”

“Our LMS (including the social and mobile platforms) will be integrated seamlessly into the Learner’s experience. They won’t know when they leave the portal and when they enter the LMS. Log in will be seamless and content will be simple to find with intuitive searches.”

“We will provide monthly, targeted remote training to our Learners. This will be delivered in simple, yet effective methods that fit both the Learner’s needs and our available technology. We will not force one to fit the other.”

Where are you going in 2012?

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